Universal Love

People sometimes ask ‘do you work with angels?’, ‘how do you know it is ‘good’ energy you are working with?’, ‘are you ever afraid?’ Each person who works with energy has their own interpretation of its Source, its intention and its power.

In almost two decades of studying, developing and now working with energy, I have come to my own understanding of how this powerful force works and what it is in essence. For me, the energy I work with is Universal Love.

It is the White Light of God’s Love that permeates all life in the Universe. I surround myself with this energy before, during and after each session with a client, and indeed anytime I open myself up to receive information from the Universe.

I don’t call it angelic energy as I don’t believe I have every worked with angelic energy, although I have felt angelic presence in my life, particularly during the early years when I was first unfolding. The way I describe Universal Love is that it is a powerful, warm, loving force that surrounds and moves through me in my daily life.

It is ‘good’ energy because it feels good. It is love because it feels like love. Before a client session, I open up through prayer and meditation. The love I feel for the client is not my love, it is Universal Love.

Negative energy feels bad. It feels like fear. And to be perfectly honest, I feel this energy mostly from other humans and definitely not from the love force I experience during my sessions. Universal Love is available to everyone should they choose to welcome it into their life. Just open your heart and quietly ask for the White Light of God’s Love to surround and protect you. It will.

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