Barriers to belief

There was a time when my life was dictated by my ego and it lasted many, many years. It was a painful time, filled with ruminating thoughts and the belief that nothing could or would get better. As my negative thoughts spiralled out of control, so too did my life. And the more I tried to take the reins, the further they slipped away.

Things had to get really bad and really painful before I was ready to allow even the slightest little bit of hope in. I was the product of my life-long conditioning. I was conditioned to believe that ‘I must’. ‘I must have the house’, ‘I must marry a successful man’, ‘I must have a really well-paid job with a quick pathway to the top’, ‘I must wear a certain dress size and look a certain way’, ‘I must drive a certain car’. ‘I must’. The list is endless.

All of these things that I felt I must have and that I deeply felt were my entitlements and goals in life, weren’t. They were barriers to the true belief, a belief that there is something more to life than the turmoil of waiting for the next pay cheque or winning the argument within the family.

Stop wondering if there is more than the cycle of work, home and work again. There is. It is the awareness of your belief system. The more aware you become of your conditioning, the less power it has over you. The more you question it, the looser its foundations become.

My hope came when a psychic medium proved to me that ‘Love and life are eternal’. That validation pierced my ego and drove a knife straight into my heart. We are never alone and there is something more to this existence. There is hope. There is beauty. There is Love.

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