What is Karma?

Karma means different things to different people depending on your belief system, your faith and your understanding of the Divine and His/Her relationship to your Soul. For me, Karma is very much centred on the Soul. It is the process by which a soul moves through eternity learning lessons and growing as an individual and as a collective. It is our heritage, our present and our future at a spiritual level.

Karma follows all paths. It follows the path of lineage and that can often be the most difficult form of Karma to work through. For instance, issues and challenges that travel down through family generations, e.g. substance abuse, incest, behavioural characteristics, etc. This does not mean that if you have such an experience, you will automatically carry it forward. What it means is that you have the opportunity to break the pattern and cease the cycle.

These are some of our hardest learning lessons and saddest, most painful experiences. While a Soul will always survive a lesson, the body may not. That is why we need each other so badly.

I believe we choose the family that we are born into so that we can learn from the lessons that our Soul encounters while living and growing within that family. As we work through these lessons, we find that Karma releases, patterns are broken and life changes. In the end it culminates in a stronger Soul – a greater love and self-awareness.

There is love and pain at every turn of life, and each one is an opportunity to grow and bring ourselves closer to the Divine.

You can release your Karma by asking the Universe, ‘How may I serve you?’ and step forward when the opportunity arises. Sometimes it’s a smile when it’s needed, sometimes it’s something more challenging. All times, it brings its own reward. Love. Because at the end of the day, that is what Karma is – together transmuting all energy into the energy of Universal Love.

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